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Sensitive Skin Concerns Abated

When I hear....

Will I have a reaction after my wax?

It's possible, but preventable. See below.

Types of Post Wax Reactions

Redness and Swelling

Experiencing redness and swelling immediately after waxing is very common and the good news is it usually subsides within a few hours. Redness is caused by heat from the wax and redness with swelling is caused by heat and the pore becoming inflamed from having the hair removed. Redness will be more visible if you have fair skin, much like when you turn red after a hot bath. Swelling or inflammation from hair removal can be more evident if your hair is coarse or deeply rooted. Regular waxing can go a long way towards preventing redness or swelling after waxing because your skin will become acclimated to the heat of the wax and you hair will thin out.


Post wax breakouts are also very common, yet preventable. If you experience a breakout, similar to pimples after your wax this can be a sign that bacteria has gotten into your open pores. This can happen from a wax specialist not properly cleansing your skin before the service (and leaving behind bad bacteria on you skin) or being unsanitary (double dipping wax sticks) or from simply touching your face or other freshly waxed body part, and the bacteria from your hands has gotten into your open pores that way. This is why I always advise my clients to avoid touching their skin immediately after waxing and avoid activities that make you sweat (sex, exercise, swimming or tanning) for at least two days, because sweat carries bacteria that can cause breakouts and lead to ingrown hairs.

Allergic Reaction

This is why consultations and intake forms are so important. I need to know your history to determine if waxing is right for you or if you simply have an allergy to certain ingredients. I have chose to use only botanical skincare products with transparent labeling and natural ingredients. This way if you inform me of your pineapple allergy I know not to use any products containing pineapple. All this aside, if you have an allergic reaction to any skincare products speak to you PCP or dermatologist immediately.

Why I Use Luxury Wax and Botanical Skincare

I hear many people say they had breakouts or irritation when they had been waxed before. For this reason I spared no expense in choosing to use only the finest waxes and skincare.

Luxury Hard Wax

Hard wax is a type of depilatory wax that is applied to the skin and removed without the use of a paper strip, it sets quickly and is removed almost painlessly because it doesn't stick to the skin and only adheres to the hairs. The hard wax that I use heats at a very low temperature (about 100 degrees) so you barely feel it being applied. Because it heats at a much lower temperature than traditional hard waxes it doesn't overheat the skin, resulting in less redness after your wax. This wax is perfect for delicate skin areas such as the face, underarms, and pubic area. And since this hard wax is so gentle it can be applied to the same area multiple times without compromising the skin.

Hypoallergenic Soft Wax

I chose this soft wax because it is hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn't contain any ingredients that cause an allergic reaction. Besides this amazing quality, this wax also heats at a very low temperature verses other soft waxes on the market. This soft wax is perfect for full body application and I like to use it mainly on the back, chest, stomach, arms, legs and pubic mound.

Proper Skincare to Soothe Reactive Skin

Depending on your skin type and concerns I offer many options; skincare products for home use and in spa treatments to treat and prevent common post wax reactions.

  1. Post Wax Essential Oil contains lavender, peppermint, and mandarin essential oil to promote skin healing, sooth redness and inflammation, and deter bacteria growth and ingrown hairs. This oil is the perfect aftercare for underarm or Brazilian waxes.

  2. Blemish Control Gel contains colloidal sulfur, allantonin, and lemon extract to prevent breakouts, control oil and condition the skin and can be used anywhere on the face or body daily as a preventative or as spot treatment on active breakouts.

  3. Post Wax Soothing Cream contains organic aloe, willow bark, and green and white tea extract to instantly calm heal repair and moisturize. This cream is especially great for reactive skin and can be used anywhere on the face or body.

  4. The Post Wax High Frequency Treatment kills acne causing bacteria and calms inflammation and redness.

  5. The Post Wax Hydrojelly Mask contains grape seed extract, bromelain (from pineapple) and lavender flower to instantly cool and soothe, prevent breakouts, and help post wax products to penetrate the skin.

I hope this helped to abate any concerns you had regarding sensitive skin and waxing.

See you soon!

-Nichole, Owner/Operator of Cypress Wax Spa

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