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Skin Brightening

After Care Advise

Avoid sweating or getting the treated area wet for a minimum of 2 hours after the 4 step professional treatment has been performed.

Avoid the sun and always wear a minimum of SPF 30 on areas exposed to UV rays to prevent hyper-pigmentation from returning.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Skin Brightening and "Anal Bleaching" and is it only used on this area?

Skin Brightening is a professional 4-step process that treats discoloration on the face and body. "Anal Bleaching" is the process of brightening the skin in the anal region and is commonly used on other intimate areas like the bikini, underarms and butt cheeks. It can also be used on any external area of the body that has hyper-pigmentation. Anywhere!


Is it common to have discolored intimate areas?

Yes, it's more common than you think. The main causes for hyper-pigmentation include sun exposure, hormonal influences including pregnancy, aging, skin injury, and inflammation. Any area on the body that has redness from sunburn, chaffing, or irritation can eventually turn brown.


What are some common types of hyper-pigmentation treated with skin brightening?

Most hyper-pigmentation that has occurred over time can be treated with skin brightening. Melasma, age spots, sunburns, stretch marks, scars, and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation are just some of the types of hyper-pigmentation that can be influenced by skin brightening.

How light will the area become with regular use?

Our all natural formula will safely lighten the skin to a more even skin tone. You will not achieve any over lightening, where the skin becomes lighter than the baseline skin color.


How do I maintain the lightened results?

For best results, have the 4-Step professional treatment performed 1-2 times a week until desired color is achieved, then maintain at home by using the recommended skincare as directed.


How often should I come into the spa for this service?

Ideally a series of 3-5 treatments to begin with, and once a month as needed. Most clients achieve their desired skin tone back after 3-5 professional treatments and should maintain proper skincare at home.


How much does this service cost?

$85-$165 per area for a one time in spa professional treatment.


Do I have to remove hair before getting this service?

Yes, it is highly advised to wax prior to the treatment. This will allow for deeper product absorbtion and better results.


How long until I see results?

Instantly! Usually you'll see 1-3 shades lighter after the first professional treatment.


Do your products contain any harsh chemicals?

No, our products are all-natural and do not contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, kojic acid or mercury.


What are the active ingredients that lighten the skin?

Phenylethyl Resorcinol: A whitening agent that has the ability to inhibit over active melanin.

Lactic Acid: A plant based AHA that treats hyper-pigmentation and improves uneven skin tone.

And botanical extracts from lemon, mulberry, licorice, bearberry, gooseberry, and cucumber.


Is skin brightening safe for sensitive skin?

All of our products are formulated to be gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. However if you have any sensitivities to the ingredients we strongly recommend coming for a patch test.

What are the common areas to be lightened?

Face, underarms, knees, elbows, inner thighs, butt cheeks, between the cheeks and bikini.

Is skin brightening safe for pregnant women?

Completely natural and safe. However, for best results it is recommended to wait until after pregnancy and breastfeeding due to heightened hormones causing pigmentation. 

Where are these products made and are they FDA approved?

Our skin brightening products are manufactured by Bryght Skin Lightening in the USA and are FDA lab approved since 2020. 

Are these products vegan friendly?

Yes! 100% vegan friendly and plant derived.

What does all-natural mean?

It means our products are 98.95% natural.

Are there any contraindications to skin brightening?

Using harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, kojic acid or any other harsh chemical lighteners in conjunction with our skin brightening system has the ability to strip or over lighten the skin.

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